Brooke McKay

What is smoking?

It is to inhale or exhale the smoke of tobacco or another drug.

What happens if you smoke during pregnancy

  1. If you continue to smoke through your pregnancy your child is more likely to have a chronic physical heart issues as well as difficulties with reading and social adjustment.
  2. If you plan on smoking through your pregnancy, the impact that it will affect on the baby will last through your child's lifetime.
  3. The nicotine will continue to pass down through your babies breast milk.
  4. There lungs may not be ready to be on their own. They may continue with breathing problems. Also they are especially vulnerable to asthma or (SIDS).
  5. The babies later on can have behavioral problems and relatively low IQs.
  6. Babies born with mothers who smoke had roughly 20% to 30% higher odds of having shorten or miss arms or legs.

Facts about smoking:
  • Smoking can cause infertility problems, like your reproductive organs.
  • Second hand smoking can affect your fertility, because of the poisonous chemicals you are exposed to.
  • Smoking increases the chance of miscarriage, due to the toxins from smoking.
  • By smoking it can increase your babies heart rate.