by Christopher Torres, Niy'gel Carson, Ashley Street


Who rules in this type of government?

  • Someone who seized power by force from the aristocrats

How is it decided who should rule?

  • By showing their own effort or they were elected

Who has the Real power?

  • The dictator

No power

Who has no power or no say in this type of government?

  • The aristocrats

How are they excluded?

  • They were excluded by laws

A famous type of Tyranny

Positive things about Tyranny

  • The ruler had the ability to do what they wanted
  • 1 ruler
  • Ruler had control of everyone

Negative things about Tyranny

  • Citizen couldn't give their opinions when it came to laws or the government.
  • Laws were enforced so the dictator didn't feel like he would lose power.
  • Citizens were forced to do things.


Tyranny ruler by one