Brittany Mascheri

career details

A nurse is someone who comes in to check up on a patient and give them whatever it is they need while they are waiting for the doctor, or the doctor is not around. These needs may vary from giving medication, food, beverages, checking vitals and pain levels, or simply just asking how they are doing. I am passionate about being a nurse, because I love helping people. I have been through very much, and many nurses, I want to be the nurse that every child loves. Average hours may vary. One can choose to work a day or night shift, this job can be done in a hospital as a triage nurse for the E.R, or on any unit of care. A two year education is needed to become an RN, or the lowest level of nursing. Another two or four years needs to be taken to become a BSN, or a MSN.

skills required

- good communication

- ability to answer questions and/or give advice

- ability to deal with emotional situations

- can work well with a team

job growth/outlook

- can get a higher degree in nursing

- grows 20% within 20 years

advanced opportunities/related work

- any kind of therapy career