The Everglades

More like the FUNglades!!

Where are the Everglades?

The Everglades are located in south Florida.

What to pack

Packing depends on the season, of course. But you can bet that no matter what time of year you visit the Everglades, it will be warm and fun-filled! Here are some things that you should definitely have on your packing list:

- Shorts

- Jeans/pants

- T-shirts

- Long sleeve shirts

- Rain boots

- Tennis shoes

- A rain coat

Those are just some of the things that you should bring if you plan on visiting the Everglades!

All about science!!

- In the Everglades there are two main abiotic factors; climate change and hurricanes.

- Do you like alligators? Good!! The American alligator is at the top of the food chain in the Everglades!

- One of the invasive species of the Everglades is the island apple snail. The island apple snail originated from Brazil, Argentina, and Bolivia.

Loking for something fun to do?

Anhinga Trail is a boardwalk that gives you a great view of the park! Shark Valley is a great trail to explore the Florida landscape. Royal Palm Visitor Center was the first center of the national park with great trees and nature. There are many other places you can visit in the Everglades. Here's a link to find some other great attractions!
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