Male vs. Female Brains

The Differences


Have you ever wondered why men and women, boys and girls, act differently? It's because they have different types of brains. They have differences not only in behavior, but also in the usage of the brain. So, because male and female brains are different, the way they behave is different as well.
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Men and women use their brains in different ways. In one study, men and women were asked to sound out different words. The men depended on just one tiny area on the left side of the brain to complete the assignment. Women manipulated areas in both sides of the brain. This proves that women have 12% more neurons in their brains than men (Edmonds 2). So, women use more of their brain than men. That seems to mean they have faster working brains.


Different brains causes men and women to act differently. Studies have shown that male brains want to have power over other people and to earn more money. Male brains are also better at withstanding pain. Female brains tend to make sure that they look nice and have sympathy for others. Boys and girls have differences when it comes to math and physics. It is proven that boys do better in math classes, and girls, with their friends, are choosing not to take more advanced versions of math and physics. This can cause further drops in female participation in math and physics courses (Edmonds 2).

The Relationship Between Usage and Behavior

Brain usage and male and female behavior have major effects on how the male and female brains work. Men usually use only one side of their brain. This might explain why they are inclined to kill things and want to be in more powerful positions, Since women use both sides of their brain, that might explain why they are more worried about appearance. They may think to much about what other people think. (Brunett 1) If they feel this peer pressure, that might explain why girls seem to drop out of physics courses and advanced math classes easily (Edmonds 2). This shows that men's and women's use of the brain and their behavior both have effects on each other.


It's safe to say the male and female brain have many differences. They both have their strengths and weaknesses. Through these differences, men and women can still interact with each other and get along.


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