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A king or queen rules a country in which sovereignty is actually in a single individual.

Kings or Queens

Powers, and Choosing

The king or queen has the power to make laws and oversee territories. The king or queen takes little direct part in government. These leaders are not chosen but become leaders when their old leaders, or usaly their parents, die.


The British Parliament is the legislature in the United Kindom. The legislature makes the laws with help from king or queen. There are about 650 people in the legislature. They are chosen by vote of the citizens.

Rights of the citizens

Some rights that citizens have are:

Right to live

Freedom of thought

Freedom of assembly

Rights of fair trial


The right to vote

Some examples of countries with monarchy as their form of government and their leaders are:

United Kingdom-Queen Elizabeth ll

Jamaica-Queen Elizabeth ll

Canada-Queen Elizabeth ll

Japan-Emperor Akihito

Australia-Queen Elizabeth ll

Our Government or Their Government?

Their government has a different leader but that's really all that's different between our governments. I would prefer our government (republic) because it is more civilized. I also am accustomed to our government.