"Paws"itive Points

Issue 34- May 2, 2016

Love Each Other, Learn Together, Lead the Way

Tavia's Thoughts

I searched high and low for the gif below. I wanted something that would capture my thoughts about the stress that I have noticed with students over MAP and the anticipation of KPrep.

The countdown is on until we give the students a chance to show all they have learned this year. With the countdown comes some nervous feelings about their performance during the big KPrep Assessment. How do I know this already? The students are talking, and so is one my very children. Stressed about what score (they) she will get. Despite the strong year she has had with an awesome teacher....she is stressed and afraid of "the test". We have talked about ALL the "what if's?" but their is still some uneasiness. If I can ask one thing of you in the next week that would be to "share our calmness (even if we are faking it) and not add to their chaos" . Share with students the importance of doing their best, and using all the strategies you've taught them this year, BUT TO ALSO STRESS to them that the letters "N, A, P, D" do not define who they are children. I feel good about what is to come. I want us to make sure our students know that and encourage them to show what I already know. I'll continue to have the conversations with students about celebrating learning, showing what they know, and hopefully that will ease some stress as well.

Thank you again for sending students to celebrate MAP growth over the last couple of weeks. It's been a blast celebrating with them. Even when I have had really bad headaches....the bell rings, the high fives go up, and the camera snaps. Keep sending them, as I hope this is positive momentum going into next week.

As always....Let's continue to love each other, learn together, and lead the way.

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May 3

  • Pawfessional Learning w/ Rachel-Inclusion Training

May 5

  • Data Teams

May 6

  • Fire Drill
  • Team Day

May 9-13

  • KPREP Assessment
  • Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week

May 13

  • College Day
  • PTO Sponsored Luncheon

May 17

  • No School~ Primary Elections

May 19

  • PTO Mega Party (8-1)

  • D 4 $ Baskin Robbins 4-10

  • Data Teams

May 20

  • Spring MAP Closes

  • Field Day

  • PTO Elections & Transition Mt. @ 6

May 24

  • Kindergarten Play and Awards Program

May 26

  • I Teams
  • 1-2 Awards @ 8:00
  • 3-4 Awards @ 9:00

May 27

  • 5th Grade Promotion @ 8

May 30

  • No School ~ Memorial Day

May 31

  • Closing Day

Extra Duties

Front Hallway Mrs. Hymer

Bus (AM & PM) Mrs. Campanell, Mr. Anderson

Breakfast Ms. Spry, Ms. Tipton, Mrs. Porter

Gym Ms. Bland, Mrs. Vermillion

Car Rider (AM) Mrs. Acklin, Mrs. Hodges, Mrs. Duvall & 3 from Mrs. Akin's Family

Car Rider (PM) Mrs. Bates. Mrs. Adams, Mrs. Akin, Mrs. Dickenson


At Team PSE...we are Pursuing Standards of Excellence. At Team PSE we collaboratively teach students to love, learn, and lead....TEAM PSE.


As I have mentioned previously, April was Autism Awareness month. Here’s a link that all of you may want to visit.


It has 10 Things Every Teacher should Know about Autism. This short article that you could read provides 10 facts about students with Autism and the things a teacher could do to help these unique students.


#TEAMPSE #watchuswork #autismawareness

Hymer's Hype

KPREP IS ONE WEEK FROM TUESDAY!!! We have had to make some changes to accommodation buddies and schedules in the past week. I will go over everything in detail on Tuesday. Please do not hesitate to ask questions... better safe than sorry, I always say! Inclusions training is also this Tuesday. Please make sure you are starting to take everything down in your rooms... Mrs. Dugle, Mrs. Acklin and myself (and others) will be around Friday afternoon around 2 to check rooms.

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Maggie's Moment

In the past two weeks, I have talked with each team about your personalized learning opportunities in the near future. I hope that each of you spend time very seriously thinking about where YOU want to focus YOUR growth in the next year. Professional Development is NOT about completing your “hours” (although you do have a minimum requirement by your contract).

The most successful teachers that I know always focus their professional development on what they “NEED” to grow their practice so that students learn at high levels. I have seen the possibilities for sessions that will be offered at our Personalized Learning Conference July 27-29, August 1. We have OUTSTANDING teachers in our district who have stepped forward to share and learn with all of us. Five of our PSE Team members are among those who have stepped up to share and learn (Heather, Rosalie, Kelly, Lindsey, and Karen). Thank you!

When Mrs. Shields sends out the live link for registration (target date by May 6) do not delay….get registered.

Also, I am SOOOOO proud and excited about the response that our PSE Team has had in regard to the June 1 Standards Day work which will be here at PSE. Your participation in this is critical as we move forward at PSE.

Afterthought: By the way, we have PSE team members from grades 1, 2, 3, and 4 working on the digital curriculum being developed for Schoology!!!

“Proud Mama Moment”!!!

Jackies' Friendly FRC Facts

Be sure to MAKE YOUR MARK on the Staff Fitness Challenge. Just place a check mark beside your name for the Day/Evening Activity completion. The chart is located in the back hallway of the front office. EVERYONE can get involved in this! How does a 1 hour massage, free salad, gift card to Texas Roadhouse, or 5 free gym passes, sound to you?!?!

AND…Don’t forget your JEAN DAY on Wednesday, if you complete Monday and Tuesday's physical activity! OK, TEAM PSE, WE HAVE TO GET MOVING! Let’s GO!

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May Birthdays

Tina Fowler - 1

Kim Smith -3

Donna Weaver-5

Lisa Locklear-12

Heather Fallen -26