Ryan 216 Library Media Center

November 2014 Newsletter

Thank You!

As the season of thanks and gratitude begins, I would like to thank the entire staff for their support in helping to get our new and improved Library Media Center up and running. The library is flooded with students during Open Access Lunch periods and the staff has been excellent about keeping the space clean and workable. Your efforts are appreciated!


  • Let's collaborate!- I gave each class a *brief* Library Orientation in the beginning of the school year, but I have yet to have many teachers bring in their class for a collaborative lesson. I will be happy to co-teach a lesson that will guide your students (or you!) towards becoming 21st century learners. Here is a sample of lessons we can work on:

  1. Signing up your classes for Edmodo
  2. Searching the Internet effectively
  3. Creating a Google Account- Using Google Docs- Sharing Docs
  4. Using search engines other than Google
  5. Utilizing apps such as Inspiration to help in the brainstorming process
  6. Using prezi, Keynote, or iMovie for presentations

  • Resource Suggestions-I am building the Wish List for our Library Media Center, and would love input from the teachers. What kinds of non-fiction do you want your students to read? Which topics are you covering in class that students are captivated by? Are there any books or series that your students are dying to read? E-mail me with suggestions!

Tech Tip- Scholastic GO

Did you know that as a NYC public school we have FREE access to Scholastic GO? Scholastic GO is the go-to digital resource for educators seeking to provide authentic nonfiction content and improve literacy skills. It offers:
  • Over 120,000 articles – all articles are lexiled and are correlated to national and state standards
  • Over 340,000 editor vetted web links
  • Over 1,100 world newspapers in 73 languages representing 195 countries
  • GoTube videos on a wide variety of topics and areas of interest
  • Pro/Con Debates- allows students to formulate claims with supporting arguments about current controversial issues

It also provides access to excellent REFERENCE materials:
  • The Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia
  • The New Book of Popular Science
  • America the Beautiful: includes state-by-state history and current events
  • Lands and People: an online resource of countries, cultures, and current events

You can access Scholastic GO from ANY computer at ANY time without a code or password. Check out the website to collect resources for your students or bring your class to the library so I can teach your students how to use this site for research. If you have more questions on how to utilize this excellent resource, see me in the Library!