Come to Texas!

Best Choice to Make!

Why Come to Texas

Are you tired of paying high taxes? Have you had enough of the bad land? Well then come to Texas. In Texas you don't have to pay your taxes for 6 months! Land is also 12.5 cents an acre, and land is good for live stalk and growing crops. Here in Texas, there is good food, good job opportunities, and a great place to start a new life.

Reasons For and Against Settling in Texas

For Settling in Texas

In Texas we encourage education, so there are a decent amount of schools. When you come to Texas, you must become a Roman Catholic. Saying this, there are also churches. Don't forget, slavery is also allowed in Texas.

Against Settling in Texas

Even though Texas would be a great place to settle down, there is also a down part to settling. American Indians have lots of territory around the fields of Texas.