Runaway Twin

By Peg Kehret

Sunny's Life: Part One

Sunny Skyland is an average girl on summer break with Rita, her foster mom. As a candy loving 12 year old, Sunny struggles with Rita's health food problem. Since age three, Sunny and her twin Starr, have been separated and put into different foster homes throughout their lives. When Sunny finds $800, she takes off in search of her twin, with the money. She tried to make what she had work for weeks. But, when she finds her new dog, Snickers, she tries to keep him safe as well as herself. One day Sunny finds a new town and is going to use the bus station. Three young men, who lived in the town tried to rob Sunny and all her money.

The Tornado

Sunny finds herself and Snickers in a field and is surprised when a tornado tears through. During the storm, Sunny loses both her backpack when the wind blows through, and her dog when he runs from the storm. Snickers only gets a couple feet before he is hit by an airborne branch. Sunny runs back to the town where she was almost robbed and finds one of the boys who had tried to rob her earlier was alone and injured. Sunny promises to help him, but first she has to run back to the field with Snickers. Snickers wasn't badly injured, but he still needed medical attention. To her luck, a helicopter shows up and lands beside her but is unwilling to take the dog back to the temporary hospital. Sunny refuses to leave without Snickers and decides to stay in the field with her dog. So a volunteer worker comes and gets Sunny and Snickers.

The Hospital

Sunny is rescued from the field by an American Red Cross volunteer. The man takes her and Snickers to the temporary hospital. She finds out the injured boy she had found had been rescued from his spot. Sunny finds her backpack again with its full contents at the hospital and decides to leave again with Snickers.

The Finding

Sunny asks Charles to keep Snickers because she wanted to go visit Starr at her house, because she hasn't seen her in forever. Sunny goes to Starrs house and they finally reunited and they got to hangout. Sunny is overly joyed that she completed her mission on finding her sister. She visits Starr very often and she is very happy to finally be with her sister again.

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