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September 2015

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Our Mission:

NCVA is a community of students, families and educators dedicated to expanding educational choice through innovative and technology rich instructional practices, and accountable for developing each student's full potential for academic and post-secondary success.

Every student......Every class........Every day......

Meet our School Staff

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A message from our Head of School

Welcome to September!!

Even though we are a new venture in North Carolina, we have gotten off to a good start. Yes, we had some hiccups; but that occurs with anything that is brand new. While we’ve had some bumps, we have lots of positives. Just to put this in perspective, we’ve lasted longer than the much-celebrated hitchBOT did in the United States. If you’ve not heard of hitchBOT, look it up online. It successfully made its way through Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands; but it could not survive the “City of Brotherly Love” in the US – Philadelphia.

Every day, the students and Learning Coaches adjust a little more to this environment. Every day, we get better in our craft. Every day, we are gifted an opportunity to work with children and shape the future of our world. Every day, we can make a difference for those that chose our school.

The “family” of hitchBOT released a statement after its untimely demise that simply said: “hitchBOT relied on the kindness of strangers and his love for humans will never fade.” While an interesting social experiment, stop and think about what we do. We rely upon the kindness, empathy, and care for each other. Our passion for children cannot ever fade as we focus on doing what is right by them. Thank you for the work you have already done and I appreciate what you will do in the future.

Joel E. Medley

What does an Engaged student look like at NCVA?

An engaged student at NCVA is actively involved in all of their core classes. Engaged students participate in daily class connect sessions, complete their work on their daily plan as well as other assignments by the teacher every day (minimum of 6 hours), read/respond to kmail(s) from and ask for help when needed.

What does an Engaged Learning Coach/Mentor look like at NCVA?

An engaged Learning Coach/Mentor manages and guides their student throughout their school day. Learning Coaches/Mentors frequently follow their student's progress in the OLS/OHS, record attendance daily (6 hours minimum), read/respond to kmails, attend conferences when required and ask for help when needed.


COMING SOON: October Outing Information (dates and locations to be announced)

School Reminders:

1. If school is closed for a holiday, there will not be any class connect sessions.

2. Please review the LC/Student Responsibilities on p.13 of the Parent-Student Handbook.

3. REQUIRED SIGNATURE PAGE: After reading the Parent-Student handbook, you are required to copy/paste the statement from the handbook (p.42) into a kmail (from LC account) and send to your student's homeroom teacher. The time-stamp on your kmail will serve as your acknowledgement and understanding of the rules, regulations and procedures.

4. If you're having trouble logging into a program, first try switching your browser. Often times this will solve the problem. (A browser is a piece of software on a computer. It lets you visit webpages and use web applications.)

K-5 Announcements

We are well under way in K5 with our lessons, class connect sessions and assessments. The beginning of the year is such a wonderful time, but it can be the most hectic time as well. Teachers, learning coaches and students are all adjusting to a new school year, a new schedule, and this new world of teaching and learning. Please know that we are here to help you develop a schedule and plan that will help your school year run smoothly. Always reach out to your homeroom teacher for help. K5 students have have already completed their DIBELS Assessment and their Scantron Assessment. You will be receiving feedback from your homeroom teacher about these. If you have questions please do not hesitate to ask!

Tips for a successful school year in K5:
  • Check Kmail daily
  • Log into scheduled Class Connect Sessions
  • Complete all lessons on your daily plan
  • Log at least 6 hours of attendance each day
  • Create a learning environment free of distractions


This month we would like to shine the spotlight on a kindergarten student in Mrs. Silvestri’s homeroom class. This student is doing a fantastic job following her daily plan, logging into all class connects that are scheduled, and consistently communicating with Mrs. Silvestri. Congratulations June Edgar and her learning coach, Irma Edgar for doing a wonderful job so far this school year! Keep up the great work!

Middle School Announcements

Big things are happening in the middle school! We’re all super excited to be settling into a routine and really getting to dive into the content. Students have been participating and sessions are lively, so please keep that up! Remember that attending classes is great, but participating is the best way to get involved and learn.

Currently, the teachers are working to make sure communication is clear on what is expected in each course on a weekly and daily basis. Communication is definitely the key to success, and we’re so thankful that learning coaches and students have been patient as we all work together to make each week better than the last.

If you have questions, we are all on your team and here to help. Remember that if you have questions that are content specific, you’ll want to touch base with the teacher for that particular class. Most importantly, please make sure you are logging attendance each day!

High School Announcements

1. Spanish, French, and Latin Courses

The Spanish teacher (Elizabeth Lovelady-Alfonso) and the French teacher (Carrie Holland) are now on board. Therefore, please send any correspondences about these two foreign language courses to the appropriate teacher. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer Latin this year as a foreign language. We hope to be able to offer it the next school year as enrollment and teacher capacity grows.

2. Honors Versions of Some High School Courses

We are offering honors credit for only the following high school courses. If you would like for your son or daughter to complete the honors versions of the following courses, please complete the survey link that your son/daughter’s teachers will be sending out by Kmail.

English 2

English 3

Integrated Math 2

Integrated Math 3

Civics and Economics



3. Hospitality and Tourism Course- Live sync sessions will not begin until the week of Sept. 14th.

PARENT & LC RESOURCES (click on the links below)


9/29: 3rd grade BOG Testing
9/30: 3rd grade BOG Testing
10/27: End of 1st quarter