What's up Immigrants


Republican Party Founded

In 1854 members of the Whigs party that favored non slavery ideals formed what's known as the Republican party. One of their main goals was to end the spread of slavery as the US expanded west.

William Lloyd Garrison Publicly Burns Copy of the Constitution

A known abolitionist, William Lloyd Garrison, saw moral persuasion as one of the only means to an end for slavery. Garrison despised politics for he saw them as corrupt and filled with unnecessary compromise. In 1854, as an act of rebellion, Garrison burned a copy of the constitution because it permitted slavery.

"Great Experiment of Liberty"

During the 1850s westward expansion was very popular. One big step was the Gadsden purchase in 1853 where the US acquired Mexican territory and fixed the lower borders of the nation.

Silver Discovered in Nevada

In 1859 several prospectors discovered a large silver deposit called the Comstock Lode in what was previously a very small gold mine. This discovery turned nearby cities like Virginia City, into boom towns. It was the first silver discovery in the United States and started the silver rush.

Multi Ethnic Literary Works

During the 1850s multi ethnic author's works started becoming prominent in the northern states. One of the most famous was Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe. Her novel galvanized the opinions of the people, and converted more people to anti slavery by exposing the harsh realities the slaves endured.

First Uniquely American Entertainment Form

The minstrel show was a highly controversial entertainment form that was very popular from the 1850s through the civil war. In this comedic routine, musicians, or minstrels, used racial stereotypes to entertain their audiences, even going as far as to paint their faces black in order to fully impersonate African American slaves. (due to viewer discretion we will not include a picture for this subject)