Conserving Household Energy

$Save Energy, Save Money$

How We Can Reduce Our Ecological Footprint

The average house uses 38 percent of its total energy use on heating!!! We can reduce the energy use of heating by turning our thermostat to the lowest but still comfortable temperature which is around 68 degrees Celsius. You can also buy newer appliances with efficient ENERGY STAR models. You can also conserve hot water by turning down the hot water temperature to warm which is about 120 F.

Benifits of Saving Energy

- It reduces air pollution: It doesn't release more harmful gases to the atmosphere.

- It lowers household energy bills: If you save energy in your home you will save a lot of money on your energy bill.

- We will have more energy for the future generations if we conserve it: We wont have to waste as many fossils fuels and power plant generators wouldn't have to work to hard.

Harms that may happen if we do not learn to conserve energy.

Fossil fuels will eventually run out and once this happen we need to be prepared with renewable energy to meet the constantly energy demand. Also If we do not save electricity, more will have to be produced. Producing electricity in power stations mostly uses up some kinds of the Earth's natural resources which would take it millions of years to be replaced.