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I took a leap of faith.

I took a leap of faith last week and drove down to Seattle to the "Brighten your Life" event with Danielle Rednar. I had just been to Seattle that previous weekend for a dance competition with my daughter so it wasn't top on my list to drive back down two days later. However, I am so glad I did! The event was fantastic. Motivating, energizing and just plain fun! Danielle could definitely make it as a stand-up comedian if her Stella job goes sideways! She's Canadian which explains partly why she's so awesome. She even got a little dig in (albeit in jest) about our double gold in Olympic hockey. I was pleased to be asked to attend a smaller more intimate affair in her room later that same night. Lots of great ideas for all areas of our businesses were discussed.

My big take away from the day is, and I'll begin with the quote she said.

"If you do in a year what other people won't, you will have in a year what other people don't. " Simple, straight forward, and true.

She said that if we picked up the phone, (no NOT email or text) and called 2 people a night, we would move our businesses ahead. Yes, just two calls a day. Yes it's scary and we all fear the dreaded "no".

All of us have a bit of fear about our business. Fear to fail, fear that we don't have enough jewelry to have a show, fear that the people we approach to host a show will say no, etc. We all have these same fears on some level. Fear is normal- it is part of our DNA. What determines your success is your willingness to do what is scary anyways. Successful people have fear too they just channel it into something useful. Most of you remember the Lululemon bags with all the quotes on the side- many great sentiments for our everyday lives. The one that stuck with me is "Do something everyday that scares you." Well, that day in Seattle I knew I wanted to attend the private training with Danielle in the evening but I had registered late (that morning!) for the event and knew I missed out on the evening training event. However as I stood in line to receive my package during the day, I saw Danielle in the conference room setting up. I stood for a few minutes debating whether to go into the conference room and introduce myself and hopefully finagle an invite to the evening event. I was scared, pits sweating and everything! But, I asked the girl in front of me to save my place in line and I went for it! Danielle was awesome. I thanked her for her emails she had sent me and she asked if I would like to come to the evening event! Wow- it worked! Best decision I made that day! I earned a lot of great stuff that night.

My grandma used to tell my mother this line and my mother has passed it on to me. She would say it in Flemish and it sounded more eloquent but the jist of it is, "with a tongue in your mouth you can go around the world. " Isn't that the truth. If we are brave enough to open our mouths and ask for something, we just might get it!

Call two people a day ladies and move your business forward.

Feb Sales/ March Sales so far...

February -Wow over 80% of the team was on the books- very cool!

Rachelle $2139

Sylvia $1387

Janine $742.

Tara $340

Amy $264

Sharon $154

Wiesje $152

Grace $95

Michelle $64 of the 10th

Rachelle $2871

Janine $1636

Sylvia $1239

Bonny $148

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