To Kill a Mocking Bird

By, William McGinty

Boo Radley

Boo Radley is a character that doesn't come around often but has great influence on the story. Scout and her Jem are constantly curious about the Radley house. He has built a reputation around the neighborhood about being crazy. Despite he starts leaving gifts for the kids, later Atticus(father)finds and stops the hiding of the gifts. After the trial Mr. Ewells attacks the 2 kids and breaks Jems arm, trying to kill them Boo comes out of no where and Defends the kids. Mr. ewells falls on his knife and dies. Boo then carry Jem to his house and everyone is baffled by what happened. Later they let Boo radley of the hook because he fell on his knife

Eminem-Im not afraid

The video below Describes the issues Boo has. In the song Eminem went to jail (Boo went to mental institute) and when he came out he was sorry for doing the things hes done. Wanting to take responsibility for his daughters and try's making a better world out of what hes got. Boo trys helping after many years of staying inside the Radley house. Making Connection with the kids help him build self esteem to help people aka together.

Eminem - I'm Not Afraid (Lyrics+Free Download)

Mumford and sons-The cave

In the song The cave Boo Radley plays as the main singer talking about how everyone treats hims ins't pleasant. He also tries fixing the issues people have with him thorough truth and pain.

The Cave - Mumford & Sons - LYRICS