Middle School Principal Newsletter

January 2015

January is here and almost gone!

When was break? Seems like ages ago with all of the changes out of Lansing...

You can't keep up with everything! Make sure that you and your teachers are sharing in the job of keeping up with the information.

One step at a time...

Leadership in Action!

What were your big take aways?

What are you going to use?

What can you teach your teachers to use with parents and students?

Science Standards on HOLD

Originally the science standards were to be adopted and approved by the State Board of Education in December. Now, it looks like it will be April before they go back to the State Board. Stay Tuned...

M-STEP/SAT Information to Share...

Hot Topics

Relevant Resources

Upcoming Professional Development

Our Winter E-Catalog is Here!

Here's the link to our latest PD offerings through March!

Upcoming Opportunities

Job-Embedded Resources

The Teaching Channel provides a number of relevant topics with video and facilitation resources to use for leadership and staff meetings. Check out 40 Resources and Tools for Deeper Learning.

Considering lab classrooms to enhance your PLCs? Contact Lisa Madden for more information.

New February Offering!

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