Blue Sucker

Wisconsin Threatened Speices


The Blue Sucker is an torpedo-shaped fish with a distinctly pointed snout, an under slung mouth, and a long dorsal fin. The pectoral fin of this fish are distinctly sickle-shaped. The overall color is a steely blue-gray; this can be variable in that murkier water produces lighter coloration, while fish from clearer waters tend to be darker. They can grow up to 35 inches and weigh up to 10-20 pounds.


Nobody really knows to much about the Blue Sucker. But that these fish are constantly moving and can move up to 100 miles up stream where they go to their ancestral spawning grounds. they are said to be a native fish in the Mississippi and Wisconsin river. However, the population has since declined due to the damming of the continent's major rivers.
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Here are some other photos of caught Blue Sucker


The problem is that with damming going on in some of the big rivers, the Blue Sucker habit and food source have decline. which also means that, they cant access to their spawning grounds thus then can't reproduce and they eventually start to die off.


many fisheries are trying to introduce Blue Sucker into other rivers like the St. Croix, Red Cedar, Chippewa, Black River Falls, and Lacrosse. Some fisheries are trying to get Blue Sucker to be a sport fish for some anglers which will give the suckers to survive.
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I think as humans, we should monitor these types of fish because in the near future they could provide a good source for sport fishing. plus, since they are bottom feeders they can clean up the river bottoms.
Blue sucker: a fascinating, little-known sentinel for river health