The Doll House Murders

by: Betty Ren Wright

About The Story

Do you like scary, creepy, stories that make your spine crawl and your teeth ch-ch-chatter? All the extraordinary feelings that give you that weird numbing in the pit of your stomach? Well join Amy, a little girl that lives with her mother, father, and her little sister Louann. One day an incident occurs between her mother and louann. She runs away to her Aunt Clare's house where she will be staying for the next few days. Everything is fine until she finds a dollhouse in the attic. That was her first mistake! The doll house was a sore subject for Aunt Clare because her grandparents gave it to her. Her grandparents that were...murdered?!? All of a sudden Amy notices the dolls to the dollhouse moving ON THEIR OWN and lights coming from the dollhouse. Are they trying to tell her something? Something mysterious is going on around here, and Amy tends to find out.

Will Amy Ever Get to Have a Break From Louann?

Amy's sister is eleven years old, but she has disabilities that make her act like a little girl inside of an older girl's body.Amy ALWAYS has to watch over her. She can't leave her side. If Louann gets left out, then Amy's mother gets mad. Can't Amy have a break? Don't get her wrong, she loves her little sister. She just doesn't love spending all her time with her.

Who Did It?

Aunt Clare never did get along very well with Grandma and Grandpa Trelore. They didn't like her boyfriend. At all. They thought he was just a crazy alcoholic. Could it have been him? The mystery has been questioned for years, they still haven't figured out who did it. Maybe Aunt Clare's boyfriend did do it. The cops never found the killer, and he died the same night they did.....

The Suspense....

A Whole Lot of Questions, Very Few Answers

What Are All The Answers?

Read the book to find out, I'm sure you wont regret it :)

Betty Ren Wright

this is the author, Betty Ren Wright