Death is horrible

Whatever you do try not to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

death poem by Udiah

Tick, tick, tick, echoed the miner’s pick
Unleashing the captive from the depths below
The guardian of the treasure’s soul
Deep within the Long Range Mine
Two spirits struggled inside one mind
Greed’s effervescence filled the cave
Twice absorbed into its slave

Lick, lick, lick, flame on tin candlestick
‘Ole Jim Crow who knew no match
Blindsided by foe, at Owen’s; dispatched
Thirty five years from that foul fate
It Turned Albrother inside its gate

Tick, tick, tick, as the clock does chime
Three and fifty from former date
Enraptured hell’s picolinate
Uninhibited behind closed walls
They could only hear one outside fall

Click, click, click, taps its toes in time
And to this day they say it’s seen
Roaming the hills and hollow between
Lantern aglow and with its pick
Looking for soul or mind to inflict

Forget it not to latch ones hatch
Keep head attached, avoid being snatched