Nice days on the beach

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The Basics

  • Location: Malaysia is divided into two and is placed under China.
  • Weather: The weather in Malaysia is 20C-30C and the annual rainfall is about 98.5 inches per year and the season is called Sipadan dive.
  • Climate Type: Malaysia is placed by the ocean and is really humid with tropical rainforests.
  • Two Physical Characteristics: Two big physical characteristics in Malaysia are the Gunung Kinabalu and the Coastal Plains.
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How To Fit In

  • Language: The main language in Malaysia is Malaysian. Although Chinese is spoken a lot there.
  • 4 Folkways: Some of the common folkways in Malaysia includes marriage, religion typically Buddhism, holding the door for people, and dressing nice in public.
  • Taboos: Some taboos in Malaysia are women do not touch monks, don't touch the heads of an adult, and you should not be embarrassed about burping in public.
  • Values: Some values include Excellence, acceptance, and education.
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Digging Deeper Into Culture

  • Two Subcultures: Subcultures consists of Buddhism and music generally rap.
  • Culture Landscape: The cultural landscape is very tropical, playing badminton, bowling, and there building in diverse roads.
  • Evidence of Cultural Diffusion: Proof of cultural diffusion is that there is a ton of different races living there. The two most common races besides Malaysian is Chinese and Indian.
  • Evidence of Culture Change: Golf is getting more and more popular in Malaysia.
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