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December 19, 2018

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Cash and Preston (Susan Wezet's Class) in a Marrs Maker Pillowcase Project!

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Brenda Zoller's Class with their West Maker Circuit Christmas Card Project

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Kate Offerman's Class are Breakout Experts with Their Very First Breakout!

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Christmas Across the Globe

Test your knowledge of Christmas across the globe with this Google Earth activity.


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Best EdTech of 2018

from...Danny Wagner Senior editor, education reviews, Common Sense Education

The editorial staff at Common Sense Education evaluated and rated approximately 180 tools for learning potential in 2018, and all we can say is it was a great year for edtech. Some years it's hard to select the most engaging and supportive tools for students, teachers, and schools. But this year, we had no trouble narrowing down our top picks to the 20 best apps, games, and websites.

What you'll find on this list are tools that get students to develop a true love of writing, engage in authentic scientific practices, collaborate across the globe, and make incredibly artistic and technical creations. You'll even find a couple of tools just for the teacher. As you look down the list and notice how many 5-star tools we rated this year, you'll begin to see how thoughtful design that empowers students and uplifts teachers really makes a win-win for all.

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Resources from Malia at the STEM Laboratory

This super cute number snowman is perfect to use for number of the day practice.
Just pick a number and have children write it three different ways.
It's such an easy way to differentiate for all of your learners in class!

Grab the fun math freebie HERE.

Snowball fight!

These oh-so-cute snowball shooters are a snap to make!
Plus, they are a hilariously fun way to explore some key concepts in physics.
Get the instructions HERE.

Help Frosty find his hat with these playful addition puzzles!
They're a fun way to work on adding up to ten.
Grab the frosty freebie from our sister site, Playdough to Plato, HERE!

Do you wanna' build a snowman?

Snowmen are always a winter favorite which is why this snowman clock is the perfect activity to introduce telling time.

Grab the snowman clock freebie HERE!

There’s always something magical about growing snowy crystals.
No matter how many times we’ve waited for the stunning structures to appear, the surprise never disappoints.
Find all the instructions for this snowy science experiment on our sister site, Playdough to Plato, HERE.

Empathy, Our Students Need this!

Empathy is the first step in the Design Thinking process. It is defined as the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

A.J. Juliani shares how stories can impact your teaching and build empathy. READ ON!

Holiday Spirit at MVJHS!

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