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Newsletter of Research and Evaluation

Communication Tool

The District is transitioning the way we communicate with parents and students. Blackboard Connect will remain active for attendance notification calls as well as administrative messages to parents. The new tool called LOOP will become the primary tool for notifications to students, parents and district employees. The LOOP tool is embedded in the Aeries program, thus providing users with real time information about students.

Secondary 1st Quarter Progress Reports

Can you believe we have completed 4 weeks of school? It is time again for secondary students to receive progress reports for students who are in jeopardy of receiving a D or F on their 1st Quarter Report Card. The 1st Quarter Progress Report Card portal opened on Friday, September 16, 2016 so that teachers could begin to enter grades in Aeries. The portal will remain open for grade entry until September 23, 2016. Please contact us at aeriessupport@mylusd.org if you have any problems accessing the grade window.

As a reminder, 1st Quarter Grades (all grades not just D's and F's) will be due on October 24, 2016.

Physical Education is ONLINE!

Last week LUSD's physical education teachers took a huge leap forward and began using iPads to take student attendance. The iPads will be instrumental in transforming the way physical education teachers communicate with students and parents, provide feedback about related skills, progress and techniques, as well as inputting student Physical Fitness scores. Our teachers can now access numerous physical education resources and health related fitness apps to support students while they are on the field. Each Physical Education teacher attended a training where they received an iPad orientation and an overview of the Aeries Teacher Portal. If you see them on campus using their iPad, welcome them to the Aeries family!
Transitions are taking place everywhere! OARS has been purchased by Illuminate Education and the migration of LUSD data is in progress. Currently, there is one year of student data information in Illuminate, which was extracted from Aeries. Teachers can access Illuminate (by clicking here) using the Google Sign-On option. Please note that we are working with both OARS and Illuminate to populate it with historical student data.

We have requested that OARS remain active while data is being transferred and as we roll out training for teachers on the Illuminate platform. OARS users will have access to updated 2016-2017 roster information. Teachers can sign in using the same username and password as last year. If you need assistance accessing OARS, send an email to aeriessuport@mylusd.org and allow us time to provide username and password information. We appreciate your patience as we work to respond as quickly as possible to your requests.