Avrora Dance Times

For Tuesday September 16, 2014

St. Paul School Gym


Ethan Frost

William Glockner

Maddyn Lafferty

Luca Beltrano

Jack Pittman

Sophia Bodnarchuk

Nathan Flett

Grace Nash

Emily Routhier

Aimee Fizzell


Mikayla Bissonnette

Addison Kumka

Tula Sundholm

Emerson Kachur

Kate Vargo


Anna Bodnarchuk

Liam Flett

Samuel Hein

Hayden Kachur

Jayda King

Emelia Beltrano

Lily Sundholm

Dexter Kachur


Jordyn Lafferty

Tanner Zachkewich

Gwenna Cochrane-Halinda

Ivanka Bodnarchuk

Draven Muir

Brooklyn Muir

Hanna Searle

Mila Sundholm

Tori Kachur


Mark Zachkewich

The instructors have broken the children into smaller groups this week, please be at the time assigned to your child. We are delighted to have Emily, Joe and Vince here this coming Tuesday, Sept 16th, to work together and form the final groups. Thank you for your patience in our evaluation process. Please stay tuned for the final groups and dance times, which will be announced before Tuesday September 23rd. It will be at this time that registration fees will be collected.

I hope each of you have been able to find the time in your busy schedules to read through the Parent Handbook. Please sign and return the last page to either Brenda or Clarissa. Thank you to those who have already done so.

AGM Meeting Tuesday September 16, 7PM, St. Paul School