December Private School Newsletter


Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow!

Hello Private School Families,

December is such a lovely time of the year. The weather change and the feel of the holidays always brings extra cheer!

Academics: "The month of November was an absolute blast in our classroom!" stated Ms. Nirvanna and Ms. Gabby together with such joy. The students started out with their social studies unit and dove into the history of Thanksgiving. It was a month filled with lots of arts and craft activities and we ended strong with our Thanksgiving celebration. Everyone dressed up in their "Sunday Best" and enjoyed their favorite food Chick-fil-A! Yummy desserts and drinks were provided by our incredible group of parents. Thank you parents! The academic team can not thank you enough for always wanting to help make these moments extra special.

As we head into December we are already in full Holiday mode! The academic team and classroom have already started planning their Christmas party and all the activities that will be incorporated into the curriculum this month. The class will be learning about the Christmas story, "which is always so fun to talk about" stated Ms. Nirvanna. "One of my favorite times of the year is sharing the story of Christmas," said Ms. Gabby. The students have been practicing for their upcoming recital, they are so excited to show all they have been working on and perform for their loved ones. The talk in the classroom and moments of practicing is just way too cute.

Ms. Nirvanna & Ms. Gabby are excited to share that the class is halfway through the spelling curriculum. They are looking forward to diving into multiplication for the next few math chapters with several grade levels! As the year progresses and these new units become more challenging, just know their teachers are so proud of their hard work and dedication. They are always here for each student however they need. The academic team confidently reports that December is going to be a VERY special month!

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Centre Stage, Performing Arts Electives

Music with Ms. Diane, Mr. Kevin & Mr. Edgar: Ms. Diane is so excited about the upcoming Piano Party on December 21st. Ms. Diane suggested all the parents warm up their vocals on this special day because we have a special song that we will have you join us to sing and dance with the entire class. Stay tuned! Speaking of singing, voice class has been concentrating on our song for the Holiday Dance Recital. Ms. Diane shares, "I can hardly wait to see the kids together on stage and the joy I know it brings not just to their hearts, but yours. " Mr. Kevin has been working hard with his class to prepare for our winter concert, getting the piano pieces together, working on our scripts, and practicing with the Orff instruments as well. An Orff instrument is a set of percussion musical instruments. "I am so excited to see the semester's work put into a Christmas show that will showcase the talent of all the wonderful students" stated Mr. Kevin. Mr. Kevin also wanted to share how proud he is of each student for their hard work during Raad Tidings. Everyone is so proud of you and he wanted you all to know from the bottom of his heart that he had a blast and was impressed with each student! Mr. Edgar had a special time celebrating the month of November his birthday with the children. "Thank you for being part of my special day!" Mr. Edgar wanted to share that he is so thankful for his students. He is working hard with the students for the Christmas show in December and is excited to see all the parents watch their children. The students have been working on 6 different Christmas songs all school year along with a wonderful script that Ms. Diane created. "I have to be honest, Christmas music can be difficult to play sometimes, so I asked two different students to help me help other students in our class. The results were INCREDIBLE! I absolutely loved seeing the students share their knowledge with others. I believe the old quote doesn't like, "To teach is to learn twice". It's true for me, and it's true for my students as well." Said Mr. Edgar.

Bible Study: Ms. Diane and Mr. Kevin teach bible study together. Ms. Diane has enjoyed watching Mr. Kevin work with the children on the story of Moses with such creativity including drama, games, and arts/crafts. "I am sure your children have been talking about this amazing project! It brought us so much joy during school. " During Bible Study class, Mr. Kevin has also been teaching about the vast family that started with Abraham. They learned about Joseph and his coat of many colors, and how he was so forgiving of his family after they betrayed him and met them with LOVE! Mr. Kevin shared that his class has learned about Moses and how God appeared to him in a burning bush, free God's people from Pharaoh with the Ten Plagues, and finally how God gave Moses the power to part the Red Sea so his people could flee and be free. It's been an incredible time together to learn and share this history.

Ballet: Ms. Crystal is so impressed with how far the students have come in their art of Ballet. Last week she let them warm up to the soundtrack of "High School Musical" and they had the best time. It was a hit! She is excited to continue with fun ideas for warm-ups! She loves how everyone helps each other out. "Our Christmas dance is looking so much better each day and I am really happy with it. Last week we worked on their solos and I can not wait for each one of them to SHINE. " Stated Ms. Crystal. A shout-out moment to Jaxson who has his Double Turn down pat. Ms. Crystal is so very proud of your hard work and dedication to accomplish this. While every student is doing an amazing job, Ms. Crystal noticed that Araceli's technique is growing leaps and bounds (literally) and she is so proud. Ms. Crystal is looking forward to the December shows and meeting all the parents.

Tap/Musical Theater with Ms. Lyndsey: In dance, Ms. Lyndsey's students have been working so hard on their winter dance and the students are so excited to perform for the parents, friends, and community. They have worked so hard on their lifts and directional work. She is so proud of the younger students who have worked so hard to learn going right when others are going left or going up when others are going back. This is not an easy task and they are doing an awesome job learning this! How do you teach techniques like this to such young students? Ms. Lyndsey has created a very creative obstacle course to help build their strength for some of the lifts and movements. They LOVE the obstacle course!

Ms. Lyndseys has been having a blast in Acting class with the students. They worked on Tom The Turkey which they all did a cold read for their role. A cold read is when I hand them the material and they have a few minutes to prepare for their audition. It's an incredible skill they will use for the rest of their lives both personally and professionally. She was so proud of how well they did with this. She is excited in December for a cold read where they will play, "Let's meet Santa." The way this one will work is the student will act out meeting Santa for the first time! One student will play Santa, another playing a child telling Santa what he or she wants for Christmas, another playing an Elf, another playing the photographer, and another playing a mom or dad. They all will have turns playing each role. She will also be working with them on writing a letter to Santa and acting them out. Can you imagine how cool ALL of this would be if you could turn back time and be in this class as a child? We LOVE acting class because it's such an important skill in so many ways forever!

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December Verse Of The Month

Luke 2:16

They hurried to the village and found Mary and Joseph.

There was the baby, lying in the manger."

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Upcoming Important Dates:

December 11th: Winter Wonderland Dance Recital. Performance time is 12:15 pm, please arrive promptly at 11:45 am.

December 12th: Midterms

December 21st: CLASS CHRISTMAS PARTY and Piano Party (Parents please attend this special event your children will be performing) 1:30-2:00 pm.

December 22nd - January 2nd: Winter Break