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December 8, 2014

Unami Orchestra

Principal's Message

Dear Unami Parents and Guardians:

The month of December is always full of exciting events. On Thursday, Dec. 4, Unami kicked off the holiday season with its Winter Concert to a standing room only audience!

The 8th and 9th grade Orchestra opened ths Winter Concert on Thursday with a jolly and festive "Sleigh Ride" by Leroy Anderson. Followed by "Hanukkah Favorites", they ended with the "Gleeful Christmas" , featuring a medley of holiday classics heard on Glee. The String Ensemble continued the musical evening, with the ever popular classic Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Mozart. The festive spirit changed into calm serene musical painting of Soon Hee Newbold's Cold of the Winter, with first violins' beautiful melody supported by pizzicato and also depicting a gentle stream. String Ensemble then finished with excerpts from Handel's Messiah, featuring the Pastorale Symphony, For Unto Us a Child is Born, and a few more selections, ending with Hallelujah Chorus.

8th Grade Chorus performed 3 pieces on Thursday night’s Holiday concert. They processed into the auditorium singing Welcome, Yule and concluded their performance with Snow Begins to Fall and Traditions of Hanukkah. 9th Grade Chorus performed Winter Moon, Sing a Song of Hannukkah, and the popular tune, Please Come Home For Christmas. The combined 8th and 9th grade choruses ended the evening with a medley from the Broadway Musical The Lion King, featuring soloists from each grade level. Both groups put on an excellent performance and their hard work since September was very evident.

The 8th and 9th grade band was very excited to perform for parents, families and the Unami community. They performed 3 selections. A medley of Christmas movie songs including; The Nightmare Before Christmas, Somewhere In My Memory and The Polar Express. Also Howard Rowe’s A Celebration of Hanukkah and last Wizards in Winter by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. It was a very challenging program and the from the audience reaction everyone enjoyed their music. The Band will also perform in December for the arrival of Santa for the New Britain Business Alliance and concerts at Butler and Mill Creek Elementary.

Bravo to our teachers and student performers. It was a wonderful evening of music! Our next winter concert will take place this coming Thursday, December 11.

Unami United,

Mrs. Lang

Unami Band
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On Monday, December 1st, seventeen 9th graders traveled to C.B. West High School to participate in Model Congress. This annual activity brings together the World Affairs Clubs from the three high schools and interested 9th grade students from the five middle schools to gain experience in the legislative process through an active simulation. Students brought drafted bills to address real world problems, then discussed, debated & amended them in student operated committees. Finally, they met as a whole group to decide whether they should finalize any of these bills into law. This provided a realistic experience in compromise as well as working through a societal problem and attempting to foresee possible outcomes of a proposed plan. A similar simulation, Model U.N., will take place in the spring.

Instructional Spotlights

In Mr. Swanson’s 7th grade Foundations of Engineering class students are studying the strengths of shapes used in construction. Students research, brainstorm, design, build and test their own individual bridges made from very fragile balsa wood. We are happy to announce a new all-time record breaker here at Unami. Torin F.'s bridge held 202 lbs. breaking a previous record of 189 lbs. held by Samantha H. Congratulations Torin!

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Students in Mrs. Spera's and Mrs. Haag's 8th grade science classes witness first-hand six spectacular demonstations of energy and rates of reactions. This day was filled with lots of oohs and ahhs...but then that's the wonder of science!!!!

Endothermic vs Exothermic- making hot and cold packs

Activation energy- the smallest amount of energy needed to create a reaction...(added sulfuric acid to potassium chlorate)

Temperature- the higher the temp the quicker the reaction... (boiling water vs refrigerated water and antacid)

Concentration- the higher the concentration the quicker the reaction... ( vinegar with two different amounts of baking soda)

Surface Area- the higher the surface area the quicker the reaction. ..( blowing up the individual pieces of corn starch

Catalyst- increasing the rate of a reaction... (elephant tooth paste)

Elephant Toothpaste
Surface Area
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As a culmination of their studies and research on the 1920’s, ninth grade students participated in a simulation of a traditional 1920’s day on Friday, December 8. Students dressed up as a 1920’s historical figure that they had researched, learned to dance the Charleston, watched a compilation of Charlie Chaplin movies, listened to a Langston Hughes poetry reading and participated in fads from the 20’s. During the party, students interviewed one another to gain insight into the accomplishments and contributions that other 1920’s historical figures had made throughout their life in American history. The goal was to create a social network within the 9th grade class of 20’s and 30’s historical individuals. Some classes created Instagram pages of their figures while others completed a research page to aid in their understanding of the complexity of the characters they chose to represent. All students contributed to the success of the day by bringing in food and dressing up as their character.


The “We Care” Club at Unami had its first official meeting with over 30 volunteers in attendance. The club provides social and educational opportunities that focus on fun and inclusionary practices. The mission is to facilitate an atmosphere for authentic interactions between students with disabilities and their peers. Some of the activities include: cooking, bowling, bingo, community service projects, gardening, science experiments and more.


Mr. Mike Kogan of Kogan Prosthetics recently brought in an array of prosthetic limbs to share at a PEN seminar. Pen students were able to study prosthetic models, talk about their design and mechanics, and further examine the limbs through a hands on experience.

After a brief history of prosthetics and how technology has influenced their design and production, much of the time was spent in discussion with the audience, to create a very engaging and interactive assembly. Thanks again to Mr. Kogan for sharing his time and expertise with the Unami students.


November's Asset--#35 Responsibility

Young person accepts and takes personal responsibility for their actions and decisions at home, and/or at school, and/or in the community.

Congratulations to 8th grade student from Team Legacy, Cathy Z. for being Unami's and the District award winner for November's asset! CB Cares Director, Mrs. Kimberly Cambra, made a special visit to Unami to recognize Cathy as the district's middle school award winner. Cathy received a letter of recognition and a gift certificate to CB Cares partner, Outback Steakhouse! The members of the band were happy to give a generous round of applause to their peer!

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Boomerang Youth Recognition Award-December #34 --Cultural Competence

Young person has knowledge of and comfort with people of different cultural/racial/ethnic backgrounds.

They accept and appreciate differences in people; they establish friendships with those from different backgrounds.

The Boomerang Youth Recognition Award is a monthly program which recognizes and honors youth in our community for exemplifying and living by one of 9 chosen Developmental Assets (one asset for each month from Sept.-May). The ballot box is located in the main office at Unami Middle School or you can go to the nomination link here. Students can be nominated for the award by any member of the community, including students nominating each other. Each school submits one student who best represents the chosen quality.

CB Cares--November Backpack Newsflash

The partnership between CBCEF and the Central Bucks School District is long-standing. Since its inception, CBCEF has been involved in promoting the 40 Developmental Assets in our local schools through programs and trainings, with the goal of fostering positive behaviors and values in our community’s youth. At the present time, there are many active school programs which represent the mission of CBCEF - serving as a community catalyst by engaging, empowering, and linking people, organizations and businesses in the community. Click here for the November Backpack Newsflash.

Parent Council: Next Meeting/Thursday, January 22--Join Us!

As a Unami parent or guardian, you are invited to attend and participate in our monthly parent council meetings. This is an opportunity for you to be an informed and participative member of our learning community. We make it a practice to highlight our many students' accomplishments and update you on coming attractions. Please consider joining us! Click here to view minutes of our October meeting.

All parent council meetings take place in our library and begin at 9AM.
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