Anna Pham

The History

Astrology is the five thousand year study of the influence of stars and planets on each individual, it is said to play a major role in shaping their personality along with their future. Astrology is discovering your destiny by using ancient wisdom with everyday living. It was developed in ancient Egypt, but later adopted by the Babylonians. Early astrologers knew it took 12 lunar cycles (months) for the sun to return to its original position.

Some Theories/Explanations on Astrology

Astrologers never had a clear understanding about how astrology works or why birth charts "match" specific individuals. The different methods of astrology came up after the Babylonians started using the celestial omens. This specific method soon spread in other parts of the world like Asia, India, China, Europe, Greece, and the Middle East. Astrology has been beyond ordinary, and many astrologers have said various theories to fill in the hole, that they can't seem to figure out. Some say it may even be an illusion.

Modern Day Astrology

Many people nowadays show an interest in astrology for many different reasons. For example, people use astrology to search for their personality profile, what zodiac sign they are, and if their horoscopes actually matches them. They also go to psychic readings to find out their future. Many believe that the psychics readers are phony and are making up false predictions for the money. Others on the other hand, really believe in them, and think the readers are true to their word.

Other Interesting Facts, and Tips on Astrology

  • Some cultures used it to determine laws and punishments, while others used it for love and spirituality.
  • The growth of astrology is marked with peace, war, abundance, and famine.
  • Major events like comets, a meteor shower or an eclipse were given extreme importance and the Babylonians often believed that the significant actions were needed to calm the anger of the gods.
  • You can use Astrology for a new start, gardening, and or for relationship advice.


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