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Mr. Bivins - CMTHS Security

The first thing that someone asks me when I say that I work at CMTHS is, "OMG, Is Mr. Bivins still there?" Everyone remembers the charismatic and wonderfully direct personality of Mr. Bivins. But one thing that we all should know is that Mr. Bivins has a very big heart and cares very much for the safety and security of all of us. We miss his physical presence here at CMTHS right now, but he is watching over us as 'Hawkeyes in the sky' on the video cameras. He continues to keep us safe and if you listen closely, you can hear his voice over the walkie as he says Good Morning every day we are in the building. Thank you, Mr. Bivins, for looking out for us. #HallofFamer

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Mrs. Tupper's Safety Tips - - - - - - Food For Thought

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The Secret to Building Self-Discipline


Mid-Marking Period (2nd MP) @ CMTHS

Wednesday, Dec. 16th, 3pm

This is an online event.

Please check with your teacher about your grades for the 2nd marking period. Now is the time to ask.
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