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Terrorism: Can We End It?

The Fight to End Terrorism

ISIS is not just a group of murderers in the Middle East, but a movement whose ideals are fastly spreading around the world. Simply killing a large number of them will not completely eradicate the root of the problem. That is why the world is struggling to eliminate ISIS, as hard as it tries.

September 11th, 2001 was the tipping point between America and terrorism. After the tragic events that happened that day, citizens of the United States were aware of the effects of terrorism. Since then, terrorist attacks have increased, and more and more groups have developed. ISIS is the most known group that is talked about in current media. They are responsible for many bombings, shootings, homicides, beheadings, and other cruel and devilish acts, but they are not the only ones. Boko Haram is titled the world's deadliest terrorist organization, killing 6,664 people in 2014. The media stresses ISIS as the deadliest, yet they are not the only ones.

Throughout the last few years, terrorism has increased greatly. Just last year alone, the amount of casualties from terrorist attacks rose eighty percent. One of the biggest problems, is that the attacks are more focused on citizens, rather than military targets. Bombings that are taking place are aimed at crowds of innocent people. This is progressively becoming a bigger issue in our modern society, and needs to be contained.

It will take more than just guns to defeat this terrorist group. Weapons alone will only kill off this generation of terrorists. We need to establish a plan that will halt the growth of terrorist groups. Brown states, "That will require uniting longtime allies such as the U.S. and Russian and Iran and Saudi Arabia. Beyond that, it means addressing a complex set of problems in the Middle East" (Can ISIS be...).

Caroline Geiger