Fun Facts About My Birthday

Samantha Anderson

My Birthday is July 14th.

July 14, 1934

Babe Ruth hit his 700th career home run.

In 2000, these songs were popular.

Breathe-- Faith Hill

Smooth-- Santana

Maria Maria-- Santana

I Wanna Know-- Joe

Everything You Want-- Vertical Horizon

Say My Name-- Destiny's Child

I Knew I Loved You-- Savage Garden

Amazed-- Lonestar

Bent-- Matchbox 20

He Wasn't Man Enough-- Toni Braxton

Bill Clinton was the U.S. President when I was born.

Today, April 10, 2013 I am 4653 days old

I share a birthday with President Gerald R. Ford

I was born on a Friday:)

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