will government help first nation?

Ibraheem B

Save the First Nations!

In Canada, a lot of people are dying from hunger, and around 21,000 people die every single day.Hunger is spreading all around the world.Hunger can cause diseases such as cancer,polio,flue etc...The government has to stop hunger.

The person starving from Hunger

This person is really hungry.He has a cup so people can put money in side.Mostly people don't put money but i think we should help all the hungry people in the world.Lets make a stand and change the world from hunger!
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Trudeau Meets With Hunger-Striking First Nation Chief

Prime Minister meeting First Nations chief.

For the first time Justin Trudeau meets the chief of the First Nations.He thinks he knows how its fells to be very hungry.
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This is all of Canada. In Canada more than 6,000 people live in Canada.Half of the country is spreaded by hunger.