Inventions Purpose

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The Purpose of the telegraph was to send messages to another person anywhere using morse code. Morse code is a series of dot and lines that stands for a letter. They would have to decode it letter by letter. The picture below is the translation of morse code.
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Who invented to telegraph?

The telegraph was invented by Samuel Morse in the 1830's. The telegraph was the start of modern text messaging.The picture below is Samuel Morse.
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positive effects the telegraph had on the U.S.

In the 1830's the US could not spread news very fast and not many things were electronic at time. The telegraph was the start of modern media. With the telegraph you could send someone a message in morse code.They constantly improved the telegraph, making all of modern devices.

negative effects of the telegraph.

The telegraph was very expensive and would charge by word. The telegraph was not used for messaging all time. If you wanted to operate the the telegraph you would have to be trained to operate the telegraph.