Green IT

Aimme Muro

Why is going green important ?

Going green is important because it will prevent the ozone layer from getting bigger . If we only have one planet to live on, so we need to take care of it while we go it . It will prevent the air from getting more polluted than it is . If you go green a cleaner house will help your brain work faster better than working in unclean environment

3 ways you can Go Green in your house

  1. Recycle plastic bottles, cans, and any kind of paper
  2. Change light bulb to fluorescent bulb because is the quickest easiest way to save energy.

  3. unplug things that glow once your done using them .

2 ways you can go green in your school

  1. Participate in International Walk to School Day
  2. Start a Student-Run Recycling Club

What is global warming

Global warming is the increase in the world temperature that is caused by the increase in certain gas in the atmosphere. Global warming also cause many animals to lose there homes. Global warning includes drought,severe hurricanes, massive fires.Last, global warming cause heat waves which is a risk if heated -related illness and death.