People In Science

By: Grace Schuckert

Jon Bohmer

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~Jon Bohmer invented the sun oven

~It is used to boil and cook food

~He was not the first person to invent a sun oven

~He did design a Kyoto Box

~His two little girls like to help him

~The sun oven/Kyoto box use two cardboard boxes, silver foil, and black paint

~The box traps the sunlight and cooks things like cassoroles

~It also may bake bread and boil water

~ The sun oven/Kyoto box are simple and easy to use

Diganna Figuerou

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~ Diganna Figuerou is a marine biologist

~She sometimes has a 12 hour day in the lab

~She studies water force

~The force she is under could crush a human

~She likes hands on activties/experiments

~She has traveled in ALVIN

~She is interested in hands-on things

~She is curious about how animals and the oceans work

~She wants to make an interesting discovery

Mitchell W. Dryor

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~Mitchell W. Dryor is a robotics engineer

~He likes science fiction

~He also likes robots that operate move and are typical

~He teaches under graduate courses

~He has a Ph.D from UT

~He likes to dream science

~He also likes to say a mechanical engineer

~He likes hands-on activites

~He likes long periods of time to work and use his creativity

Riley Agnes

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~Riley Agnes is a computer engineer

~She very much likes trial and error

~She loves to fix and find out the virus

~She is a liscensed computer technician

~She is interested in the challenges and probles of the computer

~She worked for a c ompany in Hungry that needed constant repair

~She likes restarting the computer because she gets to tell the people what the problem was

~She just really likes all the things that she get's to fix and explore in the world of computer enginerring