Gingko Newsletter

Week of February 8, 2016

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Hello Gingko Families!

This week we…

Finished up our family collages!

Spent time talking about conflict resolution. We role played scenarios that we often see in our classroom and thought about solutions to common disagreements. It was great to talk through some of these issues as a class. We realized that some problems are easy enough for us to resolve on our own, and some require help from a grown-up.

Used beads and pipe cleaners to create patterns! We worked hard to create the trickiest patterns we could think of.

Celebrated February birthdays! Happy birthday Eva, Alma, Sam and Alan!

Worked together to clean our classroom. Cleaning our classroom together helped us appreciate and value our space. Our room is so special to us and it felt great to take care of it together.

Sent some cameras home as part of our family study. We will use these cameras to take pictures of our families and things in our homes that can help others learn about our families. We came up with some great ideas! Some kids suggested taking pictures of our doors, our beds, our dinner, or our favorite toy. Every child will get a chance to take a camera home. We will continue sending cameras home over the next few weeks!

Created a bird’s nest on the playground. Kids worked together to gather sticks to create nests during recess this week.

Were inspired by a conversation during morning meeting to write stories about a time we wanted something and a grown-up said “no.” We learned how to use speech bubbles to make our pictures and stories more exciting!

Used Tree Blocks and other materials to create homes during exploration.

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At home you can...

Ask your child if they were involved in creating the bird's nest. If they were, ask them what materials they used and how they could make the nest stronger next time?

Continue to ask your child to share the Sounds in Motion we have learned so far!

Talk with your child about your family and things your family enjoys doing together. We will begin family interviews next week!

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