Dirt bike safty

Trevor Wech, Chris Ristow 8th hour

Interductry pargraph

In this we will be talking about dirt bike safety and other tips. And how to handle the responsibility of a dirt bike.There will be videos and pictures. Enjoy reading dirt bike safety and watching videos.

Facts on safty

1. Never ride with the influence of alcohol or drugs.

2. Always wear the proper gear when riding.

3. When riding always no your limit and never go to fast to handle.

4. ride only were you know the owner/owners approve.

"Statistics show that surprisingly not a lot of people get injured. The numbers are like 10 out of every 500! Maybe 1 to 2 hundred people a year. Dirt bikes are actually one of the safest motorized activities riding a dirt bike is safer than riding in a car."

Dirt Bike Safety - Air Force Safety Video