Tips from the Techie Gal!

Your Digital Learning Coach-Donita


This year I will be sending Tips from the Techie Gal twice a month. I will send you tips, tricks and ideas that you can use in your classroom. This will be another way that I support you. This first newsletter is more about the resources available to you. I will also be attending your planning meetings as well. I am so excited about this year and working with each and everyone of you. In addition to sending this via email, we are adding a tab on Lindsey's Google Doc that says Tips from the Techie Gal, I will post the link to the newsletter there as well. It will make it easier to have both newsletters in one place to go back and reference at later date.

(I put a survey at the end of this newsletter, please make sure you fill it out so I can better assist you.)


Tech Tool Box

The Tech Tool Box is an excellent resource for you. We have all of our hand-outs on there for you. We hand-outs for all the programs you use. Please explore this site to see what all we have. Please click here to view. I have the link to this site listed on my email signature as well.
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The Connected Learner

The Connected Learner site is filled with integration ideas sorted by Grade-level and Teks. It also has many resources for ipad and chromebooks. This is also linked to my email signature. Please click her to view.
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Tech in 10

I will be offering short Tech in 10 trainings. They will be 10 minutes only. I will offer these twice a month and they will be either before school, afterschool or during your planning time. I will start on time and end on time and not go any longer than 10 mins. I will base some of these short trainings on the survey you complete.
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What areas would you like more training on?

Tech On!!