By: Josiah Pankow

Criminal Law Lawyers

These kinds of lawyers are useful when someone has been wrongfully accused, or someone has committed a crime without any evidence. The type I am mentioning is the "Criminal Defense" or "Defense Attorney".

Defense Attorney Description

A Defense Attorney tries to settle the case for someone who is accused by proving that they are innocent. They have an office that they can work at but they usually do their work at law libraries and courtrooms. The salary for a Defense Attorney can range from $45,000 to $130,000. The characteristics a good lawyer should have is to be hard-working, persistent, creative, and they should be strategic. To be a defense attorney you have to go to law school and get a J.D.. The disadvantages of being a lawyer would be way too much pressure and confined work space. The advantages are the pay is good, and depending on what law school you went to, you could be a good lawyer. How you advance as a lawyer is based on hard work and how long you have worked. A related occupation is a Prosecutor, Prosecutors do the exact opposite of what a defense attorney does. Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security would be the career cluster defense attorneys belong in.