Greece & Rome

Kirsten Solloway

Greek Contributions

The Greek have contributed art, architecture, math and science, language and literature, sports and entertainment, mythology, theater, and philosophy. Many things that they have contributed you see daily for example in Agriculture some buildings in Washington D.C are built in the same structure that Greeks used to use when building their buildings, involving columns with Doric, ionic and Corinthian designs. Other things that they have contributed that you can use or hear of daily is Greek language and literature, many English words have come from the Greek alphabet, you might hear of Fraternities or Sororities which use the Greek alphabet for their names.

Roman Contributions

The Romans have contributed many things such as the system of laws, Latin language, spread of Christianity, greater freedom for women, domes, aqueducts, roads, military organizations, and the republican form of government. Many of the Roman contributions are helpful today. For example concrete roads are helpful for travel it makes it much easier to travel. Another helpful contribution is aqueducts which has given us our plumbing, if we did not have plumbing we would not be as hygienic as we are now.