beYOUtiful PURSE~onalities

News you can use! August 2013!

Who's dreaming Big?

Top PV:

1. Melissa Edmonds: $3,799.49

2. Jen Guerrero: $2,263.78

3. Laura Pepper: $969.12

Most Parties:

1. Melissa Edmonds: 4

1. Jen Guerrero: 4

Top Recruiter:

My Stats:

PV: $1,400.10

Parties: 2

Recruits: 1

Who's a Sr. Consultant?

Congratulations Jen Geurrero for promoting to Sr. Consultant with in just 4 short months of joining! As a Sr. Consultant Jen will now enjoy overrides and Home Office leads!! I can't wait to cheer you on as you cross the stage in Denver or Columbus next year as Director!! You are a wonderful leader and mentor! Way to go!

It's NOT too late!

1. You can still offer the Go, Girl, Go Incentive to your potential recruits through midnight on the 14th! Your new recruit will receive a FREE Suite Skirt Purse in Big Dot and you can earn an extra $50 when they qualify with in 30 days!!

2. Ready, Set, Sell ends at midnight on the 14th! Submit at least $500 in PV for level 1 valued at $114 and $1000 in PV for level 2 valued at $234. I can't wait to get my hands on the new Hostess Exclusive Deluxe Beauty Bag! Get on the phone today and stir up some orders! I know you can do it! Check out our team FB page for ideas from your fellow team members!

3. Summer Dream Rewards end on the 31st! What level will you earn and how will you spend your gift card! Post on our Team Facebook Page please! I know you are busy and there is a lot going on with the start of school and sports and so much more but think about what an extra $100, $500, or $1300 could do for you and your family!


Check out TOT today for all things FALL! You can find the new prints and products as well as business supplies! I just LOVE the colors for fall and I'm sure your customers will too!

If you are still in your StartSwell incentive you will want to check out the new fall StartSwell that has already taken effect!

Your new recruits will receive the Fall enrollment kit when they join after the 14th of this month!

National Conference 2014! Start planning now!

Start setting aside a little money every week or every month and be ready to tackle the incentive dates to earn your registration and conference bucks so that you can join us in either Denver or Columbus next summer! That's right! NC is headed to two location to try to streamline the event! I was totally impressed with this years conference and am still working on putting some notes together to share with all of you! Once my notes are ready I will share them and then put together a conference call where I can answer questions and you can hear from our other team members who celebrated with me in Atlanta!

Important dates and other info:

July1-August 14: Go, Girl, Go

August 1-14th: Ready, Set, Sell

August 15th: Purchase the Fall Add-On Kit for just $60! You can find this kit in the Fall check list on TOT! To order you will click on the order tab in your virtual office and it will likely be the last choice in the left hand column.

August 31st: Last day to order from Summer Catalog

September 1: Fall catalog is LIVE!

Get on the horn with your customers who have the current skirt purse and let them know that we will continue to offer a limited number of skirts for their purse for the next 2 catalog seasons!

When scheduling your August parties keep in mind that the end of a catalog season can be CRAZY! I recommend closing parties as soon as possible after the actual party as items that are not returning in the next catalog may become unavailable. Keep a close eye on Business Updates on TOT for low inventory and back ordered items!

Have you contacted your customers about the Summer Retirement List? This is a great tool and can turn a cold call into a warm call! For example: "Hi Barb, did I catch you at a bad time? I just wanted to give you a quick call today to let you know that your favorite print, Black Happy Dot, is being retired. I would hate for you to miss out on adding to your collection! .........."

There are some exciting announcements coming regarding September so keep an eye on TOT! You don't want to miss out!

Are you taking your vitamin P?

Vitamin P = Party!! The in home party can re-energize you and your business! This is where the magic happens ladies! You much more likely to build a true relationship with your hostess and her guests when you are face to face. This in turn results in more orders, larger orders, more bookings and YES, even more recruits! Here are some tips I took away from one of the speakers at NC:

1. Do you talk more about the monthly special or the solutions you have to offer?

2. Are you using the 5 Steps to a Great Party as a check list or as a dialogue to connect with your guests?

3. When you plant booking and recruiting seeds are you looking to get something or give something?


1. Please fill out and return the All about Y-O-U document. Need me to send it again, no problem, just send me an email!

2. Check TOT daily for updates.

3. Write down your goals, both short and long term, and read them daily! Send them to me so I can not only help you achieve them, but celebrate you when you do!

4. I am still offering Boot Camp, 31 style! Contact me to get started today!