My First Time Using Photo Shop

By: Grant Ingram

I call This RainBow Cow!

In this I made this ordinary cows spots different colors using paint brush.

How to use paint brush!

It took me a while to figure out how to do this, so I went to google and looked up how to paint on photo shop. It told me on the toolbar there is a little paint brush sign you click, and the hold down the mouse where you want to pain. to change the colors you go down to these two little boxes over lapping eachother and click the top one, and simple click the color you would like to use!

This Is Called ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssnake

How I Made Him

First I got an ordinary picture of a orange snake, then I changed the colors to the colors of a coral snake. It took a lot of time making him (about two days). Once again I used paintbrush.

Why I chose this for independant study?

I wanted to know how to use the basics in photo shop just because it seems like a fun program!

Whats next?

Im probably going to mess with pictures of people just for fun and stuff, nothing important or anything.

How is this important?

This is important so if I take some pictures I can mess around and draw on them.


Google/ Messing around