Could sweatshops ever be a good thing?

Background information

  • its dangerous
  • low payment
  • very long shifts
  • little personal freedoms
  • child labor


  • provides jobs for no income families
  • reduces amount of poverty
  • provides the work that children need
  • provides the mass amounts of product the US needs
  • saves children from doing more dangerous jobs for money


  • long work hours
  • dangerous conditions
  • little human rights
  • forced drug use
  • forced abortions
  • child labor
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  • US needs large amounts of imports
  • low income families need jobs


  • people work in sweatshops
  • long hours
  • child labor
  • over workage
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EQ and my opinions

Are Sweatshops ever a good thing?

  • yes, because they reduce poverty
  • no, because they cause 120 deaths a year
  • yes, because they save children from doing more dangerous jobs
  • no, because the conditions are horrible and the kids would get neglected
  • no, because there is forced drug use and abortions, which could cause death

My position on Sweatshops

I personally think that sweatshops are needed to produces the products that the US needs, and they provide payment for low income families. Next sweatshops prevent children from doing other more dangerous jobs. lastly is that sweatshops are the reason why we have what we wear, play, and even eat in the US.