"Just" for CMS - Week of 2/1/16

What's happening at CMS this week

It Was a Great Week

Between the "Barbie Bungee" and the 6th grade AR volleyball tournament, it was great week at CMS. That doesn't include all the other great things that occurred throughout the week.

Our 8th graders spent time this week in their math classes trying to determine how many rubber bands it would take to keep a Barbie doll from hitting the ground when she was dropped off of a 30 foot ladder. Students in each class had to solve problems and think critically as well as explain their thinking. You can see from the pictures below that it was an awesome hands on activity. Many thanks to the Commerce Fire Department for helping make this activity a huge success.

We also celebrated our 6th grade students that met their Accelerated Reader goal. Each six weeks, we ask students to set and reach a reading goal. Their progress is measured through AR. This six week's activity was a volleyball tournament with the winning team getting the chance to face a team made up of teachers. It was close, but in the end, the teachers won out. The important thing is that kids are reading............and having fun because of it.

Dress Code

As you all know, CISD has a "standardized dress code" for our students. It's really pretty easy to follow, and we have very few issues with students following the dress code. One thing I have noticed lately are students that are wearing non-collared shirts under their hoodies. Please help by making sure students are dressed appropriately before they leave the house in the morning, or that they bring standardized dress clothes to change into after athletics. I've asked teachers to pay close attention to students wearing hoodies and to alert me if they see a student out of dress code. Again, it's not a big deal, but I want to keep it from becoming one.

Weekly Schedule

Monday, 2/1
  • My College Monday
  • 5pm - CHS Softball Scrimmage vs. Chisolm

Tuesday, 2/2

  • 5pm - CHS Girl's and Boys' bball @ home (CHS and CMS)

Wednesday, 2/3

  • Nothing Scheduled

Thursday, 2/4

  • Spirit Day
  • 3pm - Boy's bball to Lone Oak (no girls' game tonight)

Friday, 2/5

  • 5pm - CHS girls' and boys' bball @ Tom Bean

Saturday, 2/6

  • 7A girls' district tournament @ CMS
  • 8A girls' district tournament @ CHS