iPad shooting tips

Creating better video's with your ipad

Tip 1

Hold the iPad horizontally not vertically, keep the ipad reasonably close to you with your elbows bent.

Tip 2

Always shoot with the light behind you and not into the light

Tip 3

Shoot a series of short shots from a fixed postion, don't try to pan or move in or out, if you need to, re-postion for each shot.

Tip 4

Dont get to close to the subject the ipad will struggle to focus if you are closer than 30cm.

Tip 5

Consider you surroundings, beware of your framing, it can help to add context by including certain items within the frame.

Tip 6

Keep the camera rolling for a little longer than you need at both the start and the end to ensure you have space to edit.

Useful Apps for editing