Welcome to Planet Earth

By:Sarah Zehr

How Earth is regionalized.

If you are reading this brochure you are thinking about coming to Earth. People regionalize the Earth in lots of different ways, here are a few. By continents, continents are giant pieces of land with countries and states within them. Some examples of continents are: Africa, North America, and South America, but we have seven continents on Earth. Another way is by timezone. We have at least four time zones this means that they all have different times. Lastly we regionalize the Earth by Northern, and Southern Hemisphere. This is the upper and the lower half of the Earth. These are just a few ways to regionalize the Earth.

Natural Feature: Lake Michigan

Lakes are big bodies of water, that are usually fresh water. Lake Michigan is part of the five Great Lakes that surround the state of Michigan, and is freshwater. Lakes have some great opportunities such as, freshwater can be used to drink if it gets cleaned. Recreation which would be swimming (you will need to bring a bathing suit if you plan on swimming), fishing can be food (you must have a fishing pole to go fishing, and a fishing license), and boating(you will want a life jacket to go boating.) Boating can be used for transportation for people or for goods. There are also some challenges of lakes such as: lake affect weather this means that you usually get lots of snow in the winter, and its colder in early summer. Also occasionally there might be a giant wave that can destroy things.
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Travel tips for Lake Michigan

  • If you want to go swimming you might want to go in July or August because June might still be cold.
  • You should climb the sand dunes.
  • You should watch the sunset over the lake.

Natural Feature: Hawaii Islands

Islands are little pieces of land that are surrounded by water. There are lots of opportunities of islands such as tourism, lots of people want to take vacations on islands because they are warm, but they cost a lot of money. You can also get tropical food like fish, and coconuts. As awesome as islands are they still have some challenges, Hawaii islands have active volcanoes that could erupt at any moment. There can also be the chance of a tsunami that can cause destruction. If you plan on visiting Hawaii you will want to have a bathing suit to go swimming, and lighter clothes because it is hot in Hawaii.

Travel tips for the Hawaii islands.

  • Watch out for active volcanoes as they can erupt at any time and destroy lots of land and kill people.
  • Watch out for tsunamis they can also cause lots of destruction and kill people.

Natural Feature: Mt. Everest

Mt. Everest is a mountain, mountains are very large very steep hills that come to a point at the top. Some good things about mountains are recreational sports like hiking, also tourism is good because it is very expensive to climb mountains. Problems with mountains are that they are not easy to transport things around because they are so large at the base of them, and its hard to go over them. It is also very hard to farm on mountains, but it is possible. You will need to bring lots of things if you are going to climb a mountain, hiking shoes because you can't use normal tennis shoes, warm clothes as it is cold and windy around and on Mt.Everest, lastly you might want an oxygen mask because at the top of Mt.Everest the air is thin so it can be hard to breath.
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Travel tips for Mt.Everest.

  • It is very costly to climb Mt.Everest so make sure you have a lot of money with you.

Natural feature: Pacific Ocean

An ocean is an even larger body of water than a lake. Oceans take up most of the Earth. Some good things about the Pacific Ocean is you can fish for food. Transportation/exports because they take up a lot of the Earth. Lot's of recreational options such as swimming or boating. Challenges are typhoons and tsunamis because they can both cause a lot of destruction since the Pacific Ocean covers a lot of land. Most oceans are salt water so you definitely can't drink the water. If you are going to visit the Pacific Ocean you will need a swimming suit to go swimming. A fishing pole and license for fishing, and a life vest to ride boats.

Travel tips for the Pacific Ocean.

  • It never gets super warm in the Pacific Ocean so you may not be able to go swimming.
  • Watch out for tsunamis.
  • Watch out for typhoons.

Natural Feature:Mt.Fuji Volcanoes

A volcano is a hill or mountain with a crater which has lava, rock fragments, and hot vapor coming out of it when it erupts (which is not all the time.) Mt. Fuji has an opportunity that only some volcanoes have this is hot springs these are good because they are good for people's health so this leads to tourism, and people also just want to go to climb the volcano. Since Mt.Fuji is still active if it erupts the lava will form land which is usually an island. The challenges of Mt.Fuji is it causes lots of destruction if it erupts, it is also not very easy to farm on Mt.Fuji so that limits your food. Packing list if you are going to climb Mt.Fuji bring lots of water because you can get dehydrated very easily. You will want a flashlight because as it gets dark you will keep climbing. Raincoat because it is very rainy at the top of volcanoes. Lot's of clothes to change, and food to eat. Sunscreen because it is sunny.

Travel tips for Mt.Fuji

  • Bring money because you have to pay to use the bathroom on the volcano because they have to pump everything down the mountain into a septic tank so that costs money.
  • You will want small oxygen containers and a face mask.
  • You will want pajamas if you are going to sleep over night on the volcano.
  • Bring a hat so your head doesn't get sun burned.

Places to visit.

If you liked these natural features of the Earth, and you love the Earth I would recommend visiting these other three places.

  • Fox Glacier, New Zealand
  • Medenhall Ice Caves, Juneau, Alaska
  • Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Sources I used for the information in this brochure.

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  • Please see the printed brochure for links to the pictures.

I hope you enjoy your trip to Earth!

I really hope you consider coming to Earth, and visiting all these wonderful places of the Earth! I hope you enjoy Earth when you get here!