2nd Grade News

Curriculum Information and Important Reminders

Curriculum Reminders

For the Week of September 28th-October 2nd we will be studying:

Math- Representation in Problem Solving, Exploring Open Number Lines, Identifying Patterns on a Number Line

Reading- Setting a Purpose for Reading, Monitoring and Adjusting Comprehension, Making and Confirming Predictions

OLC: Spelling, Phonics, Handwriting- Week 5 of Spelling, Consonant Cluster -s Words, Ending our Writing with Punctuation, Identifying Pronouns

Writing- Drafting about an Experience, Revising our Writing

Science- Observing the way Matter Changes when it is Folded, Cut, Sanded, or Melted

Social Studies- Describe How Technology has Influenced Our Past and Future

Stars of the Week!

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Students will be selected in each class on Friday of each week. A letter, poster, and special Star of the Week treats will be sent home on Friday to be worked on over the weekend. Every student will have the opportunity to be Star of the Week in their classroom at some point in the year. We look forward to learning more about all of our 2nd Grade Stars!

Homework Reminders

Look for all Homework to Come Home Every Monday

This will include:

Spelling List-study the words

Math Word Problems- cut and glue problems into the math homework spiral and solve one each night

Reading Log- record books read at home and respond to reading by writing a sentence about the book

***Please return the Reading Log and Math Homework spiral on Friday of each week.

Check for your child's spelling list in their binder each Monday!

Study the Spelling List for Week 5 (Week 6 of school but spelling week 5)

You can use the Spelling Activities sent home in the parent email the first week to study these words if you choose to. Please remember that it is important for the students to be able to apply the use of these words in their writing as well.

1. may

2. any

3. find

4. show

5. need

6. move

7. snack *

8. swim *

9. stop *

10. stick *

11. skin *

12. stand *

Challenge List

1. standard

2. package

*means the words follow a spelling pattern

Important Reminders and Upcoming Dates

Thursday, September 24th- PTA Meeting

Friday, September 25th- Good Morning Nichols

RSVP to the link provided here if you plan to attend: http://goo.gl/forms/McNyOTSdEU

Starting the Week of September 28th we will begin having our PLC time every other Thursday morning from 8:00-8:50. This will be a more consistent schedule for everyone, and the kids will be working with the specials teachers during that time.

Friday, October 2nd- Nichols Dash during Grade Level Specials Times- 2nd grade- 1:10-1:55

2X2 Reading Program

Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd Grade

The 2x2 Reading Program is an optional program for all K, 1st and 2nd grade students. The 2x2 reading list is chosen each year by the Texas Library Association Committee, and it consists of 20 recommended picture books for young readers. Students may participate in the program by reading the books and filling out a 2x2 Texas Color Sheet going home this week in binders/folders. When students complete their information sheets, they may turn it in to the library for a prize and recognition on the library bulletin board. Students must read all 20 books to receive credit. Your child can find the books in the Nichols Library as well as the Frisco Public Library. The deadline is May 2016. Happy Reading!

Student Learning Hub

Do you want to know more about what your child is learning this year?

Check out the Student Learning Hub! You can access it by going to http://studentlearninghub.friscoisd.org/ Have your student use their FISD login and password. You can find curriculum resources, videos, and more on this site. If you missed curriculum night or have questions about the documents that you saw that night this would be a great resource to check out.

Coffee with the Counselors

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Carpool Information

In order to ensure that all students who are riding home in a car are going home with an approved parent and/or guardian we ask that you please continue to use the carpool signs throughout the year. This helps the teachers who are on duty to know that the kids are being placed in the right car. If you need more signs for your child please email their teacher and we would be happy to get you extra copies. If we do not recognize the person asking to pick up a child and they do not have a sign we will ask them to go to the front office to confirm the pick up and show an ID. Situations such as a student going home with a friend are fine as long as the parents have communicated with their child's teacher that they have permission to go home with another parent and/or guardian. Thank you for your cooperation with this so that we can ensure the safety of all of our kids!


Please remember that our snack is a "working" snack. Students will be completing work, reading, or other various activities while they are having their snack in the morning.

Snack guidelines:

-One snack per day

-Needs to be a healthy snack

-Non-messy and does not require utensils

-Peanut/Tree Nut free until further notice from your child's teacher

-Water for drinks only

Thank you for your help with this!

Checked/Graded Work

All checked or graded work will be sent home with your child in their Green Thursday Folder each week. You may keep this work at home to review, look over, etc. The first few weeks you may see notes from the teacher on their work, but it will not have a grade on it yet. Not all work is completed for a grade as some of it is done whole group or with partners. If you see a T with a circle around it on a paper that indicates that it was completed with the teacher either whole group or in a small group setting.

Green Thursday Folders

Thursday Folders will begin coming home this week. Please check these folders and return them to school on Friday. Any flyers or notes from the school, PTA, or the grade level will be sent home in these folders. Checked/Graded work will also be sent home in these folders. Thank you for emptying and returning these the next day.


We do have a daily calendar and communication log in your child's binder. It is helpful to talk with your child about their behavior calendar and check it each night. It is great to celebrate positive behavior, too! You may communicate with the teacher using the communication log, email, or phone if you have any questions. Students may also write down communication to you on the Communication Log regarding behavior. You may find a key to the behavior notes (positive ones, too!) at the bottom of the calendar. There is more detail about the daily expectations on the back of the calendar.

Teacher Contact Information

Mrs. Charmaine Dean- deanc@friscoisd.org 469-633-3950 x63966

Mrs. Jackie McClain- mcclainj@friscoisd.org 469-633-3950 x63967

Ms. Taylor Flaig- flaigt@friscoisd.org 469-633-3950 x63965

Mrs. Megan Allard- allardm@friscoisd.org 469-633-3950 x63964

Ms. Kristen Graham- grahamk@friscoisd.org 469-633-3950 x63963