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This week in writing we added both evidence and analysis to our arguments. We learned the importance of having a balance of the two. We ended the week with an example of a grade-level conclusion.


In reading this week switched our classes and reading groups! That means CLASSBUILDER! We also continued our work with nonfiction texts by reading an article about the struggle black inventors have faced in our countries history. We used this article to identify the main idea and the text structure.


In math we focused on applying what we have learned about multiplying fractions to word problems. These word problems were CHALLENGING! Often they asked us to take many steps and to sort important and unimportant information. We ended the week with a check-in quiz to see how we are doing with this unit so far.

Science and Social Studies

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Writing: The students will finalize their work with zoos and begin to choose argument topics of their own to research and write about.

Reading: Next week we will read another article about black inventors and use it to write a response. This response will ask students to draw information from both articles we have worked with on this topic.

Math: Next week we will begin fraction by fraction multiplication. We will also be reviewing our check-in quizzes to help us identify practice areas.

Groundhog's Day Fun with Buddies

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Gifted Nominations

Gifted nominations will be open on February 20th and will be due no later than March 7th. These forms will be made available on the Woodridge 68 website on February 20th.

Learn with Dignity Act (105 ILCS 5/10-20.60)

As of January 1, 2018, Illinois School Code requires public schools serving students in grades 6-12 to make feminine hygiene products available, at no cost to students, in the bathrooms of school buildings. To comply with this law, dispensers have been installed and stocked in girls’ restrooms in each of our Woodridge 68 schools.


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