Used for Education....or Corruption?!?!?!

What's its purpose?

A textbook is a manual of instruction in any branch of study. Textbooks are made according to the demands of educational institutions. Local school board votes on which textbooks they purchase once approved by the state Department of Education. Teachers aren't required to use textbooks. Many prefer to use other materials instead.

Textbook adoption started when Southern states after the Civil War did not want their students to read the northern version of what that conflict had been all about. Publishers complied and then created separate textbooks for schools in the North and South that way money could be maid selling to both regions.

The adoption process is surviving due to state like California, Florida, and Texas who have committees that decide which books are going to be used in the public school system. Some states give there teachers and schools leeway, but only when they are paying for books through their own money.

Book Adoption brings in $4.3 billion a year for the four big textbook publishers. Lobbyist are paid to keep state legislatures from derailing the revenue that is brought in from the schools.

Textbook adoption money making

Say "NO" to BIASES

The National Assessment Government Board(NAGB), has the distinct task of creating reading and reading-comprehension tests. After a corporation put the tests together they found themselves deleting, replacing, or revising content issued on state tests that may be deemed sensitive or biased. Any text that seemed to belittle or degrade another gender, race, religion, etc. was pulled.

Gender Bias

Gender bias in language, or sexist language, is language that stereotypes or demeans an individual or individuals because of their gender. Language that is sexist unnecessarily distinguishes between or brings attention to differences between men and women in ability, temperament, behavior, or occupation. Such language, whether used intentionally or unintentionally, often irritates or offends readers. Thus, writers should pay attention to their style to avoid gender bias.

Racial Bias

We must realize that terms once considered to be accurate or acceptable may no longer be and may even be considered offensive. When writing about a group of people, use the term that the group currently uses to refer to themselves.

Neutral Bias

Do not reinforce social or occupational stereotypes. Do not include superfluous information that unnecessarily differentiates between genders or calls attention to the gender or gender role of an individual.