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APEX takes a streamlined approach to run a successful fundraiser in a short period of time, and with great results. Their team puts over 300 hours of preparation and on-site logistics into each program, so our PTO can focus their volunteer hours on other endeavors. APEX has a solid infrastructure already in place with print materials, an easy to use website, real-time reporting, and a highly trained staff.

A team of athletes will be at Warwick to teach our students valuable leadership lessons, promote physical activity and teamwork, help serve the teachers, and help our school raise money. The program is run by athletes who are all very passionate about building leaders. The athletes are NOT sales people or get paid on a commission; and all of them have their clearances. The athletes serving our school grew up here – they live in Pennsylvania, work in Pennsylvania, pay Pennsylvania state taxes, most attended college in Pennsylvania and they all live, serve, and volunteer in Pennsylvania.

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As with any fundraiser, there will be some rewards and incentives that Apex considers “Thank You Awards” for your student’s participation. APEX is very proud of the fact that every student is included in our program and its message, no matter what level of pledge, if any, they make. Each student receives a Lap Tracking T-Shirt, a Lesson of the Day Wristband for all (6) lesson days, the ability to interact and take part in play activity with the APEX team (who are on campus all day, each day of the lessons, including recess, lunch, and before and after school), and participation in the class awards that are given as each class meets their goals – examples could be extra recess, dodgeball with the APEX team, homework passes or a treat. Class Activity Rewards are chosen by the teachers and once again, all students are included in these all-school rewards.

Based on patterns of schools with similar demographics, the estimated 2018 APEX fees will be broken down with likely 52% or more of the earnings being paid directly to Warwick. The more you raise the more you keep. The balance is payable to APEX for the following estimated expenses that are reinvested directly back to Warwick: Program Design, Planning, Logistics, Individual prizes, Race Day t-shirts, Class rewards, Dedicated On-Site Team (3-4 Athletes for 10 days), Leadership Theme Development, Team Training and Insurance, Print Collateral, Classroom Materials and Pledge Kits for every student, Race Day Logistics, Materials, Equipment, All Prizes and Awards based on the prize structure, and a Portion of the Credit Card processing fees. This will result in Apex ultimately receiving a profit of less than 15%. Please keep in mind that any other 3rd party fundraiser normally keeps 50% or more, without reinvesting any funds back to your school out of their portion.

And finally, the APEX team has partnered with The Thirst Project to help end the global water crisis. For every student who reaches $10/lap pledged for their school, APEX will donate from their portion of the profit, enough funding to provide up to 4 years of clean drinking water for someone in need.

So mark your calendars! The fun begins October 7th 2019. We look forward to promoting fitness and leadership through a whole-student approach, merging health and wellness with real-world character attributes to foster not only athletics, but also strength of character and real take-home lessons. Game on!

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