How to Augment Your World!

Step 1 - Download the "Aurasma" App

The app is available on iOS (Apple) and Android Devices.

Step 2 - Opening the App

When you open the app, it will ask you to take a tour. Swipe until the tour is completed. It will also ask you if you have an account, touch the button that says "skip".

Step 3 - Follow the Cannan Elementary Channel

Once you complete the tour and skip registering, your camera will pop up and a button will be at the bottom (either a gray triangle or a purple square). Click on the button and click on the magnifying glass or search bar to search. Type in "Cannan Elementary" - it will come up with a picture of the Cannan logo from the Willis ISD website.

Step 4 - Viewing the Aura

Click the gray triangle/purple square to return to the camera mode. When the bouncing dots appear, hold the camera over the augmented picture. A solid circle with a ring around it will appear and then you should see the augmented picture. In between viewing each augmented picture, put your hand over the camera.
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