Message from the Principal

Crystal Cooper Thompson-October 2, 2015

Principal's Desk: Week Ending 10/2/15


Our Sycamore students had a great week of learning this past week. Some of our teachers invited us into their classrooms this week to see some great lessons! We got a chance to see Ms. Chiasson's 2nd grade students learn about map skills with play dough while Ms. Miller's 5th graders "went public" with their research projects. The 5th grade also went on an in house field trip with the "High Touch High Tech" company and were able to learn a lot of new information! Way to go to all of our teachers for doing a great job!

Our student who was rushed to the hospital on Friday is thankfully healing and should be released this weekend. Thank you for thinking of her and her family. Ms. Alverson, Ms. Mantilla and I were with the family on Friday and her teachers went to see her today. We have a great team at Sycamore who jumped in and supported her in more ways than one.

Kudos to you for contributing greatly to PTA's 1st large fundraiser this year! It was a huge success. The PTA parents helped to make their celebration memorable and fun on Friday in the cafeteria to all of our top earners! Thank you for making sure that we keep our PTA strong and vibrant!

I hope to see you on Friday evening at our Annual Fall Festival. The PTA has planned a wonderful event and our staff is also going to be there to support and enjoy our students. If I haven't met you yet, please come to introduce yourself!

This Friday, October 9th is the last day of our 1st 9 weeks. Your child has hopefully grown and learned a lot. If you don't see any growth, please contact your child's teacher to assure that you are getting all of the information you need to help them succeed. Also, make sure that your child is reading every night and that someone asks questions about their reading.

Lunch Charges for Full Paying Students:

Please note a change to our lunch program beginning on Monday, October 3rd. Students who have a balance of more than $5.00 will be offered a cheese sandwich as opposed to peanut butter and jelly. All students are offered breakfast and if you would like your child to eat breakfast at home only please let your child know to not get breakfast at school and also send a note. Additionally, we are faced with an absorbent amount of balances of unpaid lunch fees. Please take care of your child's balance on, or send a check to school with your child. This $0 balance will allow for your child to eat a full lunch. If you need assistance, please don't hesitate to call our cafeteria for support.

Front Desk:

After conferring with the front desk attendant or signing out your child, please step away to the seating area so that school business may proceed. It has become difficult for the front desk attendants to handle confidential phone business and other work related activities. Your cooperation is appreciated!

Cafeteria Visitation:

All Cafeteria passes are only for the Cafeteria. Please allow all students to walk to their classrooms and back to their classrooms. If you would like to visit the classroom, you will have to come to the front office, receive entrance/permission and retrieve a visitor's pass. If you are unclear, please give your grade level AP a call. Thank you for helping us get this improved.


Research shows that there is a direct connection between positive attendance and student achievement. We are initiating a new "Paws for Attendance Program" that will be led by our great counselor Ms. Moody. At the end of every month, we take data on which students and grade levels are in school every day. For the month of August, our 5th graders had the highest percentage of perfect attendance and 484 students out of 750 were at school every day! Congratulations to our students and thank you for assuring that your child comes to school every day.

Paws for Attendance Program

Are You Winning Paws For Attendance?

Students with PERFECT ATTENDANCE for each month will be recognized by:

  • Posting a group picture on our wall of fame
  • Given a token of appreciation with a certificate

Students with PERFECT ATTENDANCE for each quarter will be recognized by:

  • Recognition at the 9 Week Awards Ceremony
  • Their name put in a drawing each 9 week for a grand prize Pre K-2 & 3-5 (Recognized on the announcements)
  • Students with PERFECT ATTENDANCE for each semester will be recognized by:
  • 1st and 2nd Semester Pizza Party for Perfect Attendance Students
  • Student with All Year PERFECT ATTENDANCE:
  • Get a Perfect Attendance Fun Picnic with Ms. Moody and the Administrators on the playground
  • Recognition Award/Certificate
  • 5th Grader with Perfect Attendance K-5
  • Special recognition at the EOY Awards Ceremony
  • Grade level with Highest Percentage of Perfect Each Month will be recognized by:
  • Posting pictures of each grade level perfect attendees
  • Recognition of winning grade on announcements
  • Post grade levels’ perfect attendance percentage each month
  • Winning grade level Pre K-2 & 3-5 get a trophy and a certificate

Lost and Found:

As the weather begins to get cooler, we know that children will begin to bring coats, scarves and gloves to school at a higher rate. If you could write their name and/or initials in their items, it will aid in us being able to return these items to them. Every year, we give away beautiful items to charities and though this is important, we know that you would want your child to have their items. Thank you for helping us with this.

Pink Out Day: Thursday, October 8th

Pay $1.00 toward our Pink Out Day to Stomp OUT Cancer! Please join us in supporting Relay For Life by sending your child to school with all Pink! Pictures will be taken and students will be recognized for the most unique Pink outfit!

Are you registered to Vote?

You can come to our office to register to vote! Our upcoming elections will be vital and you want to have your voices heard! Monday is the last day to register, so get it done at Sycamore! Voting for SPLOST on November 3rd- 1 cent sales tax for our GCPS schools! See more information on our website.

Thank you to all of my parents who are supportive and are cheerleaders for our school. Your willingness to speak well of our staff, families and communities means more than you know. WE ARE LANIER...WE ARE SYCAMORE!

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Crystal Cooper Thompson


Sycamore Elementary School

Sycamore Elementary School

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